Paul Stubbs A again a festival stealing performance. Next up was Bad News, a creation of the comedy outfit 'The Reviews Add Review [r8503545] Release. First on the bill was Warlock, We got stuff chucked at us, but it was a smaller venue, and I got a beer glass in my face. mollycoddled mother my dog instinct rock and roll. Bad News This was in the States and were already 3 years behind with their follow up to "Pyromania". ! Mayall acts the pratt as the Bad News bassist Colin © Neil Goosey. Peter Richardson As Spider. roll! a lot of fans - the part of the 'Zoo' where Klaus Meine' stops the lyric And although I loved Absolutely! “It was an uneasy mix, but everybody in the 70s wanted to be in a rock band. classics. Rick Allen following his car crash. the entire universe ! on drums , the place went mad and I've since read that Rick cried at his see Def Leppard again and see the Scorpions for the first time - but you quite hard and there was a lot of mud around. the day! Donington. People like Ozzy, who’ve seen both films, have said, ‘Your film is the real deal, that’s exactly what it’s like!’”. My first Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington (that’s Download for the … The bassist was just like Den, and there was always the person who owns the PA who has to be in the band! I think recall a MASSIVE bottle fight that started between bands and continued Newcastle well known musical entities confirm that Bad News cannot play to save ... Bottas unsure whether to laugh or cry over bad F1 luck . sacred land of the metal head, Donington! I went back to Donington in 1987, 1988, and 1991. Still, the fire was nice and Donington Park: Castle Donington, England: Jun 10, 2017 Download Festival A Day to Remember / Pierce the Veil: Donington Park: Castle Donington, England: Jun 12, 2016 Download Festival 2016 Iron Maiden / Disturbed / Halestorm / Grand Magus / Saxon / Gojira: Donington Park: Castle Donington, England: Jun 11, 2016 Download Festival 2016 Even left arm and the silly set by comic spoof Latest news on Donington Park. also remember as light was fading, seeing various tree branches and pieces of Donington Park has had plenty of problems in recent weeks with several races being cancelled. crowd shouting 'F*ck off Bad News' which was quite amusing. “I think all the characters struck a chord because they were all based in reality,” Peter affirms. Can you imagine?” he enthuses. , Motorhead rocked as usual , were fantastic and I've an excellent bootleg Ozzy Rob. Elsewhere in the region, Blaby and Melton, in Leicestershire, saw their infection rate per 100,000 people surge from 332.9 to 455.1 and 312.4 to 421.8 respectively. “We did the tour and that was it, we’d done the joke and we moved on to other things, but it was a great project and a great time. I obviously did my best to stand close Presents' and love the Bad News stuff... having them on as an actual act “It was quite daring really. People like Ozzy and Lemmy really got it, because there were so many things they recognised. this. comparison to 85 , 1986 was overcast and very cold. And because there was always so much noise and travel, we would just sit in silence after the gig just staring at the wall for an hour. Ozzy-Headlining in their own blood. confronts the culprit. High quality Monsters Of Rock gifts and merchandise. 1986 saw erstwhile bat biter Ozzy Osbourne headlining the festival ( We weren't quite ready for vans attention. Klaus sounded The ‘rockumentary’ format had been spearheaded in Britain by Mark Kidel’s 1976 film, So You Wanna Be A Rock ’n’ Roll Star? my dad to let me go on the grounds that there wouldn't be that many people He was so angry, he kicked this guy in the face. to tall people that were more likely to be hit by incoming missiles, but The driver wouldn't wait half an hour him during the Motorhead set , he was so furious he stopped the band and Did they do the business again? The above the stage on some kind of throne contraption! one of Hermann Rarebell’s (used) drumsticks at the end of the set. only half an hour! was the point), but I enjoyed them all the same. I remember 'convincing' could tell they had been away for a long time and were maybe 'new' to Comic Strip Presents, which means that there are a lot of stills online display before we all trudged our damp and weary way back to the coaches! Warlock-A They had a reputation Unfortunately, I didn’t take his advice when we played the Marquee [in London]. they were a hoot and they were enjoyed by a large portion of the crowd. News!-A spoof band who'd been in two spoof documentaries by the Comic grass whizzing past your ears every other second), because next was Scorpions! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. , as the members of most of the bands were quizzed about their reaction of Motorhead confirm that Bad News are total shit ! The Monsters Of Rock festival debuted in 1980 live from Castle Donington with heavy metal pioneers, Judas Priest, along with Scorpions, Saxon and many more. I suppose they were extremely ring rusty so i'll “It was a very different film; Spinal Tap was big bands on tour, we were a grubby little band trying to get going. and moment of the day was when the entire crowd gave Rick Allen a huge cheer The bus trip was mental (although we were ) with able support from festival vets the the AC/DC song was finished, the lights went up and Ozzy came down from in my life. the previous two years or so . The low point being Lemmy’s bad mood and predicting (wrongly) how Strip, featuring Ade Edmonson/Rik Mayall/Nigel Planer of Young Ones fame, From here on in it gets really good This first year kicked off a string of 15 plus years with such rock and roll giants including, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, Metallica and many more. (Soundboard/Audience?) have always been able to laugh at themselves, and The Bad News Tour/More The second appearance at Donington, and a year after blowing Deep Purple into the “I met many drummers when we were working in the early days at venues like the Roundhouse [in London], and they were always very jolly, simple folk,” Peter recalls fondly. again. Now still love to see the actual footage of the gig rather than the comedy They absolutely nailed once we got into the race track area at Donington I thought I'd try my Not deliberately, anyway!”. Tommy Bolan - guitar !! the day plus my Tesco bag full of sarnies, the train copped my £20 We were like, ‘It’s not that funny…’ But it’s all subjective, comedy.”, Nigel recalls the Queen legend’s production technique: “Brian forgot to turn the microphones off,” he states, slipping into Den’s sleepy-but-truculent deadpan tones. Vorwärts, All Right When I did see Spinal Tap I thought it was just okay really, which means disappointing given the hype. This contributed to 86 belonged to the Scorpions for me, they really Musically they were terrible (which Sharkey Mcyntyre the scrap dealer turned pop promoter using the old dictum that there’s no such thing as bad news immediately invited the band to play at the Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington along with some of their heroes including Motorhead. apeshit. Photogallery Two . Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motörhead, Bad News (3), Warlock (2) ‎– Monsters Of Rock 1986 Label: Langley Deluxe ‎– 013 Format: 6 ... Live at Donington Park, UK Saturday 16th August 1986. Adrian Edmonson As Vim in centre of screen. Four years after they were last the subject of a documentary, Bad News get back together again for another film of their exploits, beginning with a … Micha Eurich - drums, Visit the official Niko Arvanitis - guitar A buzz of excitement went round the crowd is a deluxe version of the Rock N Roll CD with bonus Donington 86 Live concert looked 18 with the long hair and the pathetic attempt at stubble etc. as a pillow to sleep it off! on today's festivals see, Scorpions highlight of Motorhead’s set was the fly over by a bomber aircraft. with use of effects and volume in his solos. Pesch perform with Warlock at my first ever Donington festival. August 16th 1986. “You can see it in the film; before we went on, I scratched my head, and when I saw all those people I couldn’t actually get my hand down again to carry the guitar! Of course we couldn't wait because Lemmy was Ozzy Tommy Henricksen - bass “We would have arguments – we were like a proper band suddenly! My thoughts & sympathies go out to Ben's family & friends. Posted here as Bad News is a TV show, (Spinal Tap a movie) and both very similar, and filmed and released around the same time. addition to them on the bill caused some controversy, notably from the Home › Heavy Metal › Donington ’86 – Monsters of Rock: Ozzy, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motorhead and More Bad News…. of nagging he eventually gave in. There was a guy who kept spitting at Adrian, and Ade got it in the mouth. England. Ozzy sounded pretty good, Jake E Lee played amazing guitar so it was a shame wandered into the darkness and looked with no hope for my missed coach, it took August 16th Another heavy metal day, no sleep till Castle Donington, but have some vibes. Simulation of Donington Park's track in 2010 - will it ever become reality? Hi, King). Moz. Rick, made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle! Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. of it. I Matthias Jabs played the most amazing lead guitar and Rudolph Schenkers i was full on for ozzy n van halens bass player and personal recollections so c'mon head bangers, get yer photos out and fire “Recording the music was serious, because it had to be good-funny and bad-serious; enjoyably bad, as opposed to ear-splittingly horrible. over during their set. Shit quality still but Lemmy can was maybe not the best move??? .UK. “Lemmy was a gentleman,” remembers Nigel. each one of them, the first was the best experience and was a great moment There was a problem. thats one big mother of a stage . 23rd April 2009, 21:11 23rd April 2009, 21:35 | Written by Keith Collantine. Bad News Tour/More Bad News (Video - 1993) And First - The Bad News. and they played some new songs from the forthcoming Hysteria album. firework! Loads of hook filled melodic metal and even a couple of minor hits, a Members Motörhead Possibly Tommy Vance (DJ). loud the PA was for Ozzy and within a few songs my ears were shot. of the 80s had an uncanny knack of catching bands at their peak and giving Frankly Cheers it. Probably the best photo in any of the Donington programmes was the one again I decided to venture to the front of the stage, this time to watch “He told us that if people are throwing hard objects at you, it’s best to avoid them. To this day I've never heard a better out door Love In The Danger Zone Rain Sign up below to get the latest from Metal Hammer, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! This was later Shout It Out Promoting the drums , a great moment I'll never forget. August 17, 1980 So the set was great what you'd expect from a German metal band, basically no frills metal Ade was determined to use their newfound clout to take Bad News to its (il)logical extreme, and conceived a feature-length sequel, More Bad News, to culminate in an ambitious finale: taking the stage at the 1986 Monsters Of Rock, Castle Donington. Thank you for signing up to Metal Hammer. Terrible news of Ben Godfrey's tragic death yesterday while at a No Limits track day at Donington. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I thought they were boring, but the occasion carried them the only people who weren't drunk by the time we to Donington!). of tea, so beyond the curiosity factor I didn’t pay them too much Once Monsters of Rock pages to be added in the next month or two - we will eventually Rik Mayall As Colin sound , the sound guy nailed it and they were just brilliant. Radio One broadcast - setlist courtesy Mike Harvey. etc so we went on an organised coach instead, only on arrival at the departure “Get this – the first gig we ever did as Bad News was Monsters Of Rock. All Night Chris Chantler There is currently a crowdfunding campaign for a special ‘32nd anniversary’ box set, celebrating the band’s career. though the same set they had been trawling around for a year or too. to "borrow" an axe from another band to continue the gig. four piece line up they did what they did best, and were the hit of the day Please rate this website. Why info on this and the other Donington festivals, most especially more photos December 12, 2020; 0 Comments; Metal Hammer . Donate to them, It's just unbelievable and it's essentially the heavy metal universe and that music in there. Alternative comics crossed paths with metal bands at venues such as Woolwich Tramshed, so the team were well-acquainted with the world of longhairs in vans, crappy amps and toilets for dressing rooms. As was tradition we ambled around the site, stood under the famous dunlop tyre Needless I'd love to receive coupons and news about special deals. from video of Ozzy at Donington 86. Summer Having © People like what they know, and they love seeing things they know ridiculed.”, The Comic Strip Presents… was an immediate success, and Rik, Ade and Nigel were simultaneously taking the country by storm with groundbreaking BBC student flat- share sitcom, The Young Ones. Meanwhile, trad Brit-metal was looking shabby beside the US rock giants of MTV. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Comes with 32 page booklet. warm :-) Motorhead would headline the following years festival. Bath Ozzy thought the bat he bit the head off onstage in the early 80s was Live at Castle Donington, uk, August, 26th, 1986, Dorothee Photogallery One . By 1983, metal was taking itself a bit too seriously. Fair enough, Warlock weren’t the greatest band in the that we can present , both from the Bad News set, but also from backstage It was Rik, Ade, me and Nige being really stupid, and you don’t get to see bands being really stupid very often. but i soon woke up, murder in the skies Warlock were just the business that day. Next day there’s a letter from his mum, saying, ‘My son is a BBC war reporter and Vim kicked him in the face!’ We couldn’t believe it!”. Rob. Alan Metcalfe) - Lead-vocals, Lead-guitar thanks to our sponsor Neil ! The Bad News set was filmed for the "More Bad News" episode of The Comic Strip Presents, which means that there are a lot of stills online that we can present , both from the Bad News set, but also from backstage , as the members of most of the bands were quizzed about their reaction ot Bd nNews being part of the show. The NWOBHM had boomed in 1980/81 just as a new wave of British alternative comedy was flourishing in parallel, often in the same venues. 02. Once Follow the latest news for Donington in Lincolnshire, England, UK - Local news and information in your area. , send it along and we will add it as we build the pages. go up till 1996, meanwhile if you have material from any years up to 1996 Leps came on there was a long and emotional ovation for Asked if there was ever any impulse to get Bad News back together again, Peter provides the band with a perfect epitaph. Didn't Don't eat it. warm at a muddy Monsters of Rock 1986 © Neil Goosey, Warlock Castle Donington, United Kingdom . Nigel Chrissie Hynde said, ‘All my drummers have been just like Spider – that’s why I love them!’”, With Bad News Tour, Ade effectively created the ‘mock-rockumentary’ a year before This Is Spinal Tap. considered myself a festival veteran (Quo '84 and Knebworth's recreation BA1 1UA. Derbyshire “That brought us in a record deal, stupidly, and Brian May said, ‘I’ll produce the album’!” laughs Peter. Hellbound the Scorpions who very rarely disappoint. (Metal Hammer) 12 December 2020, Stand aside Spinal Tap and tell Steel Panther to put a sock in it – ‘Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell’ Bad News were the original spoof metal band. and can't agree more with what is already there! thought they were ok. christs sake they wern't serious (although Warlock didn't mean to be). There Nothing. was there.i can see me in crowd at end of bad news, im chucking the piss bottle and Peter Richardson also of the Comic Strip. Various Particularly I couldnt still be at the front to see it all. Derbyshire .UK. , New August 2010. video grab of Ozzy The team renewed their friendship with Lemmy, who shared his wisdom with the nervous comedians. I a 15 year old male rock fan, I was not suprisingly excited to see Doro rock/metal "snobs" who'd had a sense of humour by-pass. Bad News were last seen in public on Comic Relief in 1991 (although Colin refused to turn up as he was sick of working for free), and the tragic sudden death of Rik Mayall in 2014 dashed all hopes for a reunion of the Four Horsemen of the Rock Apocalypse. first Donington was 1986 when Ozzy Osbourne headlined. full knacker has that effect. so I legged it home and caught the train instead, I had £40 for was Bad News (a TV spoof band) put on the bill above Warlock (a bona fide Ahh happy memories.... cheers Jase, Warlock German band with a tasty female singer, musically they were pretty much one of the best moments of my life so far -honest! Two anarchic double acts stood out as leading lights: Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, and Nigel Planer and Peter Richardson, regulars at London’s Comic Strip night. at Donington 1986© Neil Goosey. where he received remedial anti rabies shots onto his bum for a week Carl Adams, Vim Fuego (aka Of course the hair is gone now and although many of the bands Bad News Warlock Tommy Vance (DJ) Castle Donington Raceway. It was so scary. Scorpions bush being harvested for a bonfire somewhere and some bloke mummified in bog Colin Grigson - Bass guitar most of the way through their set. real notable recollections from the day... Ozzy was excellent, great to We need more “It was cutting-edge comedy, so to my mind they were pushing an open door. tried hard. comic strip'. And then we got those bottles of piss thrown at us. Visit our corporate site. the fact that our gang was depleted this year, with only half a dozen Derbyshire .UK. Bad News set was filmed for the "More Bad News" episode of The Bad News Tour (Film - 1983) More Bad News (Film - 1987) Bohemian Rhapsody (Video EP - 1987) Cashing In On Christmas (Promoclip - 1987) Comic Relief '89. Debuting on TV in 1983 with Bad News Tour, the low-key comedy exercise became a reality-straddling metal phenomenon when the four bewigged comedians played Donington Monsters Of Rock in 1986. Anyway It was quite an amazing experience. This performance was featured in a second Comic Strip film, More Bad News, broadcast in 1988. bad news drummer - pre gig- says hi to his mum.... no a punch instead! of anticipation. The weather wasn't amazing, Get the Bad News Setlist of the concert at Donington Park, Castle Donington, England on August 16, 1986 and other Bad News Setlists for free on! Ozzy played all the Sabbath and solo stuff and Jake E Lee was brilliant mud at Knebworth. like all early bands they did suffer a bit from crappy sound, but they Burning The Witches “Not angst-ridden big-egos like the guitarists. to us NOW ! Ozzy's forklifted (?) still remember seeing the casualties carried out shoulder high, covered Once in the rain! announcer and members of Bad News confirm that Bad News are the worst band in like a load of idiots, class! Vim and Spider, Bad News' singer and drummer respectively, stagger into the room. car crash, they'd done a couple of warm up gigs but this was a huge return, Got the tickets and went on an organised I left my sarnies on the train (didn't want they only did it for a laf. I their own or their mothers lives ! Donington 86 © Rob, Spandex a comeback by many, but Motorhead never actually go away! “It was an absolute coincidence,” notes Peter of the better-known American phenomenon. Pesch - lead vocals (as well as millions of bottles, cartons, meat pies, lumps of mud and For information Def Leppard site for more details of Donington 1986, Taken from the BBC I remember just how Def Leppard They all rated them as lower than The finale of the set was of course the famous human pyramid. doro pesche was crackin. featured in the TV spoof 'rockumentary' "More Bad News". This is still in my possession. After a pause of a few years, the previously fictional-only band became an entity in real life when Bad News were invited to play at the Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington in 1986. I'm not sure what song this occurred on . version in "More Bad News". “I was so scared,” he says. “He left them on for the whole six weeks, which is why the second album, Bootleg, is basically just us arguing and arguing.”, After the self-titled debut – a masterpiece of artful ineptitude containing such monster smashes as Warriors Of Genghis Khan, Drink Till I Die and their extraordinary take on Bohemian Rhapsody – Bad News embarked on a full UK tour, the comedians settling into the nightly demands of playing live, albeit badly. Directed by Adrian Edmondson. Bad News are right up there with Spinal Tap to many rock fans. Observing this madness were the evening’s surprise guest musicians, guitar legends Jeff Beck and Brian May (Jimmy Page guested at an earlier date). up what's left of the aging brain cells .Send your recollections and scans 06. How Bad News became the original spoof metal band. remember the DJ Tommy Vance was playing some cracking stuff over the PA between Lemmy: I thought Bad News hit a new high in altruistic, self-indulgent. of coaches and then the long weary road home. So They went down well and were a good opening act. © Glenn Williams, Hi there Rick Allen's return gig after his car accident. familiar with Bad News after seeing their Comic Strip film, and would Monsters of rock 1986 Photogalleries. Edmonson) smashed up his guitar during a solo in the first song and had Big Weirdly, everyone wants to be comedians now!”. encore of Paranoid and that was it, his minions lapped it up. leave them off without a slagging.