CHA is raising 2 invoices One is debit note for Reimbursement and another for his services Taxable Invoice, So now how we are passing the entries for Reimbursement Invoice -- Freight on Import Dr. GST credit Dr. To 3rd Party Cr. The rate of TDS is as under: – TDS shall be deducted @ following rates u/s 194C depending on whether the payee is an Individual/ HUF or other than Individual/ HUF: Speed ranges shown are expressed as "up to" to represent network capabilities between customer location and the TDS network. TDS on courier charges is required to be deducted under Section 194C of Income Tax Act 1961.. Rate and Amount for deduction of TDS. TDS on rent was also deducted u/s 194I of the Act. TDS rates AY 2021-22 (FY 2020-21) Revised / Reduced w.e.f 14/05/2020 for SALARY and OTHER THAN SALARY payments to all Resident and Non-Resident assessees Now while making payment to CHA for those reimbursement charges shall we deduct TDS. As per section 194CTDS is to be deducted on Contractors at 1% in case of (Individual / HUF) and Single Contract at 2% on (Partnership / Companies)However, No TDS is to be deducted if annual expense is upto 100000 p.a. Few point has been discussed in link here 14. composite arrangement under franchises agreement not liable for TDS as rent :Delhi High court. If annual expense is 100001 p.a. In-home installation fee of $49.95 applies when self-install is available. or 30001 I am also of the considered opinion that the provisions of TDS u/s 194C are applicable to the payments in respect of Cargo Handling Charges. Requires TDS Internet Service. CIT v … Rs 305454.44 – Rs 98630 = Rs 206824.4 (Commission Amount) TDS Payment or upto 30000 single Contract per annum. Handling fee may apply. All previously paid monthly fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thus, the demand of tax under section 201(1) of the Act at Rs. 3,03,930/- in respect of Cargo handling Charges is hereby directed to be deleted." TDS on Taxi Charges u/s 194 I is applicable if user has control over Taxi: It is depended on contract details. For Example. Tax Deduction at source. than 3rd Party Dr. The findings of fact recorded by CIT(A) have not been controverted by the revenue. Clarification regarding applicability of provisions of Section 194-I to payments made by the customers on account of cooling charges to the cold storage owners CIRCULAR NO. TDS Wi-Fi+: Wi-Fi+ service includes base station and one (1) Beacon. Speeds vary due to factors, including: distance from switching locations and external/internal network conditions. Additional equipment may be required and charges may apply. **Simplest way to get the commission amount on Amazon is to deduct “Easyship Handling Fee” from “Subtotal of fees amount“. A one-time handling fee may apply. TDS Deduction from payments made to Non-Resident foreign shipping Companies: If the Payments are made to an agent of a Foreign(Non-Resident) Shipping Liner. In the case before the Supreme Court, the matter concerned with TDS u/s 194C or 194-I read with section 201(1A), the controversy arose due to the fact that tax deductor deducted tax considering the payee of warehousing charges as a payment to contractor and therefore, tax was deducted u/s 194C which is at a lower rate as compared to tax deductible u/s 194I if … 1/2008, DATED 10-1-2008 Representations have been received from various quarters regarding applicability of the provisions of Section 194-I to cooling charges paid by the various customers to the owners of cold … TDS Wi-Fi+ Security Pack: Includes Wi-Fi+, TDS Internet Security, and Remote PC Support. Tds need not be deducted on the following category of expenses: Ocean Freight; Terminal Handling Charges; Demurrage Charges

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