Remember parking time limits vary by location and your session does not pause while you are driving. Both the FlexParking pay stations and the WayToPark app accept payment from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Payments made before 9:00 a.m. will be held until 9:00 a.m., so you can pay for the needed 30 minutes of paid parking at 8:30 a.m. No. The City of Saskatoon has four 9-hour parking lots located throughout the Downtown and Riversdale. Users are unable to change parking transaction details once the parking session has been confirmed. Visit Contact Page. The FlexParking system is a pay by license plate system. If you do not want a receipt, simply follow the instructions on the display panel to skip this option. The app will notify you before time is about to expire (make sure you turn on notifications in your phone settings). Parking time limits vary by location. Remember parking time limits vary by location and your session does not pause while you are driving. WATER OUTAGE - 200 block of Evans St. door hangers delivered with info. The zone number will automatically be displayed if your phone’s location services are turned on. Options. Ticket Payments; Disability Parking; Student Parking Sale; New Feature on PayByPhone: Parking Services will be launching a pilot of a new feature of PayByPhone (parking app) for zone 4641 with a daily max. Parking customers are reminded that all other parking requirements remain in effect, including parking time limits. The ticket is $50 and $50 if I pay within 14 days (what a deal). City is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. If the app is not an option and you must use a FlexParking station for payment, please ensure you follow public health guidelines when touching shared surfaces in public, such as using alcohol-based hand sanitizer or washing your hands as soon as you are able. Simply purchase parking from any FlexParking pay station, or by using the WayToPark app, and your paid session is valid at any public pay parking space across Saskatoon. … Twitter; Facebook; YouTube; Instagram; Linkedin; City Hall 222 3rd Ave North Saskatoon, SK Canada S7K 0J5. Parking Ticket appeals must be in writing, using the Request to review parking citation.pdf, and will need to be received by the Parking Services office within thirty (30) days of issue.. Appeals after this date or after payment has been made will not be considered. In your appeal, please include your full name and mailing address, e-mail address, ticket (citation) … Property Maintenance & Waste Management Appeals, Attainable Housing Strategy and Resources, Tax Instalment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS), Building & Development Permit Turnaround Time, Home Renovation, Addition or New Construction, Firefighter Candidate Information Session, New Fire Station: Improving Community Response Times, Paying your Animal Control Notice of Violation, Curb, Sidewalk and Ditch Crossing Permits, Summer Play Programs (Paddling Pools & Spray Pads), Cultural Diversity and Race Relations Month, Facade Conservation & Enhancement Grant Program, Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G), Corman Park - Saskatoon Planning District, Hydrant Flow and Short Service Connections Inspection Forms, Boychuk Drive/Highway 16 Interchange Project, McOrmond Drive and College Drive Interchange, North Commuter Parkway & Traffic Bridge Replacement Projects, Water Treatment Plant Perimeter Security Fence, Sid Buckwold Bridge Rehabilitation Project, Contractor Environmental Guidelines Pilot, Integrity Commissioner - Code of Ethical Conduct, Our Performance & Finance Related Reports, public pay parking space across Saskatoon, a parking space for longer than the posted time limit, ​reserved or accessible parking spaces without the required permit, ​alleys (unless actively loading or unloading). Saskatoon SK S7K 0J5 I have forgotten my username for WayToPark. A receipt is not required to validate your transaction. This does not apply to private lots or restricted parking areas. Find out how to pay your parking ticket online, in person or by mail. Simply start a new parking session and complete your transaction through the WayToPark app. 2. Can I park longer than the weekly posted 7 day maximum? View the Public Pay Parking Area Map for specific lot locations. There is insufficient funds in your account to process the transaction. Social Sharing. No, enter your plate information without spaces. Yes. The minimum cost of a parking ticket in Saskatoon has now doubled. Phone Us. As Saskatoon City Council gets ready for next week's city budget deliberations, administration is recommending that some parking tickets and transit fees be raised. Parking in Saskatoon is one zone fits all! The ​WayToPark app eliminates the need of going to a FlexParking station to pay for public parking. Ensure your ticket is clearly visible on the dash of your; The daily rate includes in/out privileges subject to parking stall availability. Parking Enforcement will check the actual plate numbers displayed to identify which parked vehicles have paid for parking and which have not, at any given time. I get back to my car 3 hours and 6 minutes later and, sure enough, there’s another parking ticket on my windshield. Saskatoon Parking Ticket videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Saskatoon Parking Ticket . This zone includes the majority of meters around the core campus and you must choose the daily max at the … Without a permit number, or with an incorrect permit number, Parking Enforcement officers cannot confirm you have paid to park your vehicle in a public space. Parking Services i. The new parking pay stations around Saskatoon aren't sitting well with some people. I moved my car but still had time remaining. Looking for tickets for 'saskatoon'? WayToPark is a third party app developed, maintained and updated by CALE, a global leader in parking payment solutions. Parking violations (parking tickets) issued by Parking and Transportation Services are the legal responsibility of the registered owner to pay. Search at, the number one source for concerts, sports, arts, theater, theatre, broadway shows, family event tickets on online. Much like a password, your license plate number must be entered correctly for the system to know you've paid for parking. Please ensure alert notifications are enabled on the WayToPark app to remind you when a session is ending. To ensure you have a valid paid session, please enter the license plate number exactly as it is displayed on the vehicle license plate you have parked. If you have questions about a parking ticket, or need more information, please contact a Customer Service Representative by: phone: 306-975-2400 or 1-800-667-9944; email: [email protected]; or in person at main floor City Hall, Customer Service. Vehicles with temporary permits that have no valid record of payment will be ticketed. The early payment option is 14 days from date of issue ONLY. Twitter; Facebook; YouTube; Instagram; Linkedin; City Hall 222 3rd Ave North Saskatoon, SK Canada S7K 0J5. Public Pay Parking - Free Saturday Parking from December 12, 2020 to March 27, 2021 - City Council approved free parking on Saturdays in City-managed public pay parking areas throughout Saskatoon starting December 12, 2020, and ending March 27, 2021. You will find receipts of your completed purchases in “My info” “Parking History”. Instead, you can pay directly from your smartphone! Pay Parking Ticket Online You can pay your parking ticket online with Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Interac Online. They cannot search for a similar plate number or confirm your payment with the wrong information. Pay the ticket . If you cannot complete the purchase, please make your way to an on-street FlexParking station. Pay for the amount of parking time you need, Check that your payment information and license plate number are correct, then confirm your transaction, City Parking Cards (available at the City Hall Payment Centre cashiers). Please note that Skyxe Saskatoon Airport is not responsible for parking rates listed on other websites. FlexParking stations are outfitted with a coin return slot for coins that aren't recognized by the machine. It does not have a use here in Saskatoon yet, but may in the future. Spadina Crescent closed between Queen and 24th streets on Sunday, There's a lot to know about the bylaws, standards and regulations that keep #yxe safe, clean and beautiful. Saskatoon Police 306-975-8300. If I paid for parking through an on-street FlexParking station, can I extend my parking session using the WayToPark app? WATER RESTORED - 200 block of Evans St. drinking water advisory in effect. Remember parking is limited to a maximum amount of time, which varies depending on location. When you hire Affordable Towing Inc for parking enforcement, you’ll be working with a company with extensive experience and knowledge of parking law and … If you require reimbursement from your employer or if you prefer to keep paper records of your transactions, a receipt may be useful to you. Vehicles with license plate numbers that have no valid record of payment will be ticketed. Payment is not required outside these hours, on Sundays or on statutory holidays (New Year's Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Saskatchewan Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas Day)​. The $5.00 fee is a non-refundable deposit fee. ​Public parking in the Downtown, Broadway, Riversdale, River Landing and Sutherland areas, as well as streets adjacent to St. Paul's and Saskatoon City Hospitals, is metered from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Parking Enforcement staff will continue to monitor and ticket vehicles parked in: Use WayToPark App to Pay for Parking - The City encourages customers to use the WayToPark app as a no-touch way to pay for parking. FlexParking stations will not calculate or give change for accepted purchases. Simply follow the instructions on the display panel to print your receipt. If not, please email the WayToPark support team at [email protected] First, please be respectful to the officer. You may receive a paper ticket, but don’t worry! In the end it may just be the least amount of hassle to pay the 50 dollar parking ticket, but we’ll see. Stat Holidays: Closed, Service Saskatoon Customer Care Centre Available 24/7306-975-2476, Saskatoon Light & PowerDaytime 306-975-2414Trouble 306-975-2621, Inquiries: Utilities, Property Taxes, and Parking306-975-2400, Can't find the number you are looking for? Watch for signs wherever you are parking. Visitor and student parking lots are managed by: Precise ParkLink (West) Ltd. Bay 400, 234 1st Avenue South Saskatoon SK S7K 1K3 1-877-426-0007 [email protected] 306-955-9914 (fax) GST no.84244-6874 That said, your FlexParking purchase is valid in any metered parking space across Saskatoon. Sat - Sun: Closed The…, Reminder - free parking Saturday! Stat Holidays: Closed, Service Saskatoon Customer Care Centre Available 24/7306-975-2476, Saskatoon Light & PowerDaytime 306-975-2414Trouble 306-975-2621, Inquiries: Utilities, Property Taxes, and Parking306-975-2400, Can't find the number you are looking for? Please take care to enter your information correctly under “My Info” and then be diligent to ensure you’ve selected the correct info before confirming the purchase. Ensure you select the correct license plate before confirming your parking session. The rules and regulations surrounding parking in Saskatoon are governed by provincial legislation, Traffic Bylaw 7200, Residential Parking Program Bylaw 7862 and Impounding Bylaw 8640. Payment with an incorrect plate could result in a valid parking ticket. Without a plate number, or with an incorrect plate number, Parking Enforcement officers cannot confirm you have paid to park your vehicle in a public space. What do I do? Daily parking is also available from pay and display machines located within the student parking lots at a rate of $5 per day. Connect With Us Online. If not, enter either "City of Saskatoon Pay Parking" or "6001" in the search bar. 1. For example, if you purchase three hours of parking at a Downtown FlexParking station at 10:00 a.m., you can finish your business Downtown and move to Riversdale, then Broadway, then any other FlexParking parking area until your session expires at 1:00 p.m. If your ticket does not have an amount indicated, you or a person you have asked to speak for you must appear in court to deal with your ticket. Parking Tickets ; Understanding Parking in Saskatoon; Connect With Us Online. For example, tickets issued on the weekend may not be available for online payment until the following Tuesday. The FlexParking stations located within each of these lots are specially programed to accept payment for up to 9-hours of parking. If you have unused time left on your paid session, you can park in any other FlexParking area until it expires. The bylaw states no parking "Within one metre of an … Suffice to say we need more parking in downtown Saskatoon in the first place and in the second place these lot operators should make sure their machines work properly. Zone 6001 is used for all City of Saskatoon paid parking locations throughout the Downtown, Broadway, Riversdale and Sutherland areas, and adjacent to City Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital. We encourage you to wait 2 business days and then check if your ticket still holds by searching for your ticket number.